Using Clip On Hair Extensions To Add Volume

Many people find that using clip in hair extensions is a great way to increase the amount of volume their hair portrays. If someone wants to instantly increase the length of their hair, these extensions can be used to make the strands appear longer. Extensions will last for many weeks if steps are taken to ensure they are cared for properly.

It is important to remove clip in extensions before going to bed at night. This will prolong their life as they will not be at risk of pulling or friction as the head moves on the pillow. Hang the extensions clip side up from a piece of string taped to a wall or mirror so the hair will remain smooth and clip in extensions south africa unfolded.

Extensions should only be washed after four or five wears so they last a long time. Frequent washes can cause extensions to wear prematurely. When washing, use a sulfate-free shampoo for the best results. This will help keep the extensions from drying out. The extensions should be washed after they are taken out of the real hair so all portions are cleaned evenly. Add the shampoo to the top of each piece and palm it over the hair downward toward the tips. Do not rub shampoo into the extensions as it can cause damage to the strands.


After shampooing, use a moisturizing conditioner to help keep extensions soft. Lay a towel on a table and place the extensions flat upon it to allow them to air dry. It is not recommended to use a hair dryer to dry extensions as they can become brittle and prematurely damaged as a result. Turn the extensions over to dry each side evenly.

When wearing clip on hair extensions, it is a good idea to make sure the clasps are secure by double-checking them after adding each piece. Gently tug on the hair strands to see if there is resistance. If the hair feels loose, undo the clasp and reinsert it over the real hair strands before closing.

Hair extensions are known to tangle easily. To remove tangles, start near the tip of the hairpiece using a wide-toothed comb. Work up the strand, gently combing to remove any knots.

When swimming, it is a good idea to wash clip in hair extensions as soon as possible afterward. If swimming in a pool, the chemicals can alter the appearance of the hair pieces if left on too long. Sea water will also be drying to clip in hair pieces.